Most Popular Things to do

Guided Tour! Seoul Palace & Temple Half Day Tour

Have a short time-leaping journey between traditional and modern Korea with tour guide of plentiful historical knowledge.

Guided Tour! Seoul Palace & Antique Market Half Day Tour

Have a stroll over at Changdeokgung Palace and visit the most iconic street in Seoul. You will see both old and new Korean culture well blended into this street.

Nanta Academy - Learn Korean Instrument with K-pop Music

Were you impressed with NANTA Performance? Learn how to NANTA at NANTA academy. You can learn how to play Korean instrument with K-pop music.

Nanta + Nanta Academy Discount Ticket

NANTA is a comedic performance around cooking and uses traditional "samul nori" rhythm. You can learn the rhythm by the former and current NANTA actors and producers at NANTA Academy!

Airport <> Seoul Same Day Travel Luggage Delivery Service

Are you dreaming of a relaxing vacation? Sending your luggage to the hotel or airport ahead of time is like a walk in the park!

MBC World Ticket

MBC WORLD offers hologram K-pop concerts, virtual reality drama sets and more.


TOTAL35,000 ₩