Most Popular Things to do

Gimpo Airport <>Yongpyong Resort Shuttle Bus

Easy and cost effective way to travel. Reservations fill quickly so book now!

Trickeye Museum & Ice Museum at Hongdae (Hongik Univ.)

A museum full of illusions to take some of the best selfies and photographs. Become the envy of your friends with this discount ticket! Located in Hongdae.

Hangang River Ferry Lunch Buffet Cruise

International Lunch Buffet while riding a River Ferry in the heart of Seoul. Starts and ends on Yeouido.

Nanta Discount Ticket

A comedic performance around cooking and uses traditional 'samul nori' rhythm. Showings available in Hongdae, Myeongdong, and Jeju Island.

Performance Fireman Discount Ticket

Comedy Character Performance, FIREMAN

Fire Man is a dramatization of an occupational performance of firefighters.

Korea Strawberry Farm Reservation

Free and easy Strawberry Picking Experience with Funko pre-reservation service :)

Nanta Academy - Learn Korean Instrument with K-pop Music

Were you impressed with NANTA Performance? Learn how to NANTA at NANTA academy. You can learn how to play Korean instrument with K-pop music.

Nanta + Nanta Academy Discount Ticket

NANTA is a comedic performance around cooking and uses traditional "samul nori" rhythm. You can learn the rhythm by the former and current NANTA actors and producers at NANTA Academy!


TOTAL35,000 ₩