Most Popular Things to do

Everland Shuttle Bus Ticket Reservation

Shuttle bus tickets to the Everland amusement park with multiple pick-up points all over Seoul!

Musical Bibap Show Discount Tickets

Culinary comedy performance with beat boxing, sing, and dancing. Close to Myeongdong and Insadong.

Fanta-stick Show Discount Ticket

Live music and percussion performance with a fusion of traditional and new-age techniques! Located near the Seodaemun area.

Jeongdong Theater’s Youll Gaon Discount Ticket

A performance that brings together martial arts, traditional dance, and traditional theater with a modern feel. Located about 10 minutes from City Hall station

Gyeongju Jeongdong Theater SILLA Basilla Discount Ticket

The historical contents are coated the contemporary esthetic of stage. The beginning of a powerful show, never before exist!

Jeongdong Theater <Red Cliff> Discount Ticket

Red Cliff reimagines the legendary battle, adding elements of humor absent from the original narrative,enhanced by the lively energy of Korean dance and the perfectly synchronized movements of the dancers.

The Dark Side Of Seoul Tour

Violet stories, adult jokes, and creepy neighborhoods. Located near Gyeongbok Palace. For audiences 18+

Groovy Hongdae Tour

Scour the streets of the Hongdae area like a local! Great night life experience.

Korean War + Food Tour

A guided tour explaining the history between the North and South Korea and the eventual war that split a country in 2. Starts at Samgakji Station.

Drum Cat Concert Discount Ticket

World's first all-female percussion performance! Located near the Myeongdong Area.

Original Drawing Show

A Non-Verbal performance with Art and Painting as the main protagonists! Located near the Myeongdong Area.

Korean cooking class + Market Tour (O-me Cooking Lab)

Get a 'hands-on' experience in making Korean dishes of your choosing. Located in the Dongdaemun area.


TOTAL35,000 ₩