Most Popular Things to do

Fanta-stick Show Discount Ticket

Live music and percussion performance with a fusion of traditional and new-age techniques! Located near the Seodaemun area.

Jeongdong Theater [LOTUS, A Flower Comes Out Once More] Discount Ticket

Absolute Dignity! A high-class of Korean traditional dance drama. A story contains Korean spirit and ideology!

Jecheon Cheongpung Lake Monorail Ticket

Enjoy a ride on a monorail by the beautiful Cheongpung Lake near Jechon City. Cars sit up to 6 people.

The Dark Side Of Seoul Tour

Violet stories, adult jokes, and creepy neighborhoods. Located near Gyeongbok Palace. For audiences 18+

Groovy Hongdae Tour

Scour the streets of the Hongdae area like a local! Great night life experience.

Drum Cat Concert Discount Ticket

World's first all-female percussion performance! Located near the Myeongdong Area.

Original Drawing Show

A Non-Verbal performance with Art and Painting as the main protagonists! Located near the Myeongdong Area.

DMZ + Northern Limit Line(NLL) Full Day Tour

A full day tour where you visit the NLL area and the Demilitarized Zone!

Busan Trickeye Museum Discount Ticket

A museum full of illusions to take some of the best selfies and photographs. Become the envy of your friends with this discount ticket! Located near Jagalchi Station.

DMZ demilitarized Zone & The Garden BCJ (K drama shooting Place)

Experience the history of the ongoing war at the DMZ! Pick up points in Hongdae and Euljiro 1(il)-ga.

Nami Island Shuttle Bus Ticket

Cheap method of transportation with pick-up points at Insadong or Namdaemun (Transportation Only)

Korean War + Food Tour

A guided tour explaining the history between the North and South Korea and the eventual war that split a country in 2. Starts at Samgakji Station.


TOTAL35,000 ₩