Most Popular Things to do

Jeongdong Theater [LOTUS, A Flower Comes Out Once More] Discount Ticket

Absolute Dignity! A high-class of Korean traditional dance drama. A story contains Korean spirit and ideology!

Jecheon Cheongpung Lake Monorail Ticket

Enjoy a ride on a monorail by the beautiful Cheongpung Lake near Jechon City. Cars sit up to 6 people.

The Dark Side Of Seoul Tour

Violet stories, adult jokes, and creepy neighborhoods. Located near Gyeongbok Palace. For audiences 18+

Groovy Hongdae Tour

Scour the streets of the Hongdae area like a local! Great night life experience.

DMZ + Northern Limit Line(NLL) Full Day Tour

A full day tour where you visit the NLL area and the Demilitarized Zone!

Busan Trickeye Museum Discount Ticket

A museum full of illusions to take some of the best selfies and photographs. Become the envy of your friends with this discount ticket! Located near Jagalchi Station.

DMZ demilitarized Zone & The Garden BCJ (K drama shooting Place)

Experience the history of the ongoing war at the DMZ! Pick up points in Hongdae and Euljiro 1(il)-ga.

Nami Island Shuttle bus & Admission ticket

Cheap method of transportation with pick-up points at Insadong or Namdaemun (Transportation Only)

Korean War + Food Tour

A guided tour explaining the history between the North and South Korea and the eventual war that split a country in 2. Starts at Samgakji Station.

Hotel Pickup! Nami Island & Petite France & Rail Bike Shuttle Package

Visit some of the most popular tourist destinations with the comfort of hotel pick-up and drop-off. In and Around Seoul.

Incheon Airport <> Alpensia Resort Shuttle Bus

Easy and cost effective way to travel. Reservations fill quickly so book now!

Bus From Incheon Airport To Alpensia Resort

Easy and cost effective way to travel. Reservations fill quickly so book now!


TOTAL35,000 ₩