Most Popular Things to do

[Guided Tour] Seoul Palace & Temple Half Day Tour

Have a short time-leaping journey between traditional and modern Korea with tour guide of plentiful historical knowledge.

[Guided Tour] Seoul Palace & Antique Market Half Day Tour

Have a stroll over at Changdeokgung Palace and visit the most iconic street in Seoul. You will see both old and new Korean culture well blended into this street.

[Guided Tour] UNESCO Seoul Palace & Shrine Half Day Tour

This tour takes you to the most beautiful cultural sites that ONLY guided tour is allowed in.

Nanta Academy - Learn Korean Instrument with K-pop Music

Were you impressed with NANTA Performance? Learn how to NANTA at NANTA academy. You can learn how to play Korean instrument with K-pop music.

Nanta + Nanta Academy Discount Ticket

NANTA is a comedic performance around cooking and uses traditional "samul nori" rhythm. You can learn the rhythm by the former and current NANTA actors and producers at NANTA Academy!

15% Off! Buy MBC World Discount Ticket and meet K-Stars

MBC WORLD offers hologram K-pop concerts, virtual reality drama sets and more.

Fun and Suspenseful Escape Rooms in Hongdae

Suspenseful escape rooms with fun stories and special effects! No Escape is a thrilling, creative attraction great for tourists, couples, friends, team building, and parties.

Located right next to the Hongdae playground. Staff is fluent in English, Korean, and other languages. Come and try the new escape room trend - Free Yourself at No Escape!

Amazing Seoul Hanriver Bike Tour

This is an amazing tour riding along the 'Hangang' (Hanriver), which running through near Seoul, the capital of the country. You will feel fresh air and great river view.

The Dark Side Of Seoul Tour (Ghost Tour)

Violet stories, adult jokes, and creepy neighborhoods. Located near Gyeongbok Palace. For audiences 18+

33% Off! Painters Hero Discount Ticket

Innovative non-verbal performance that stages the entire process of painting combined with incredible visual effects and a witty blend of mime, dance and comedy. Shows available in Seoul & Jeju Island.


TOTAL35,000 ₩